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Gary Kaplan (CPA) has been working with Lexington International, LLC on a regular basis for the last 4 years. As our company CPA, Gary has helped clean up our accounting structure and has assisted us with our ongoing tax preparations. Outside of accounting, he has brought to us many valuable consultations in the marketing field as well. By implementing analytical strategies for our expenditures as well as coordinating various initiatives, Gary continues to help us gain a competitive edge and achieve greater company success.” “Gary has always been a welcome visitor in our office as he brings a high level of enthusiasm and insight to any task.” – Lexington International, LLC

I am a principal and founder of a 40 person law firm with a national practice. At this time I have stepped back from the day to day duty of managing the firm. I now also teach law practice management to graduating law students. Based on my thirty years experience in dealing with financial professionals and accountants, I would very highly recommend Gary Kaplan. Personally, I have used Mr. Kaplan to prepare, analyze and verify various financial documents including financial statements. I have utilized his services for financial planning, budget analysis and direction for new business bookkeeping startup; including information technology consulting. His direction has been right on, helping me avoid mistakes as well as saving me time and effort which I equate with saving money. His professional and moral judgment is beyond reproach. I am especially thankful for his counseling in enabling me to maximize tax free income deferral in the retirement planning arena. Mr. Kaplan performed all of the above for me at a professional billing rate that was not only very competitive, but actually a true value. Yes, I can whole heartedly recommend Gary Kaplan as a very competent and practical CPA.” – Steven J. Dell, Attorney with Dell & Schaefer Law Firm

Working with Mr. Kaplan is an absolute pleasure. He takes complex concepts and breaks them down so that my team and I fully understand all of the tax ramifications of our actions. Mr. Kaplan takes the standard CPA/client relationship to the next level. He cares about our mission and demonstrates it by consistently participating in our projects. A non-for-profit without Mr. Kaplan is like a world without oxygen. I do not know how we would survive without him.” – Craig Dell, Director with The Lawyers Project, Inc.

I am the owner of South Florida Mastercraft, a distributor of pleasure boats located in Boynton Beach, FL. I have been using Gary Kaplan as my CPA for 3 years. As a small business owner, Gary has provided me with expertise, responsiveness and personal attention that went way beyond my expectations. He helped me with tax planning and advice, accounting controls, computer software and making financial decisions that have saved me money. I trust his knowledge and advice.“ – Jana Wood, Vice President with South Florida Mastercraft

Gary has been my accountant and tax advisor for years. He provides me personal, professional, and prompt service. Gary represented me before the IRS regarding a tax penalty on my account and had it removed. I have confidence in his accounting and tax work, and I would recommend him to any individual or business to be their accountant and CPA.” – Marc Kaplan, CEO with Save Rite Medical

I have worked with Gary Kaplan for over 4 years and I have nothing but fantastic things to say about my experiences with him. Gary Kaplan has helped grow my business through new marketing initiatives and by developing a solid accounting system. I wholeheartedly recommend him for all of his services. ” – Ruben Garcia, Lead Business Engineer & Owner with R.G. Technology Consulting

I was refereed to Gary Kaplan by the CEO of Save Rite Medical regarding my problems with prior tax returns and a sales tax issues. Gary resolved all of those issues to my complete satisfaction, and I will continue to use him for my personal and business accounting and tax work. I highly recommend him for his professionalism, knowledge, prompt attention, and assistance in resolving all of my issues.” – Jon Rosen, Owner with Segway Fort Lauderdale

I have had the pleasure of working with Gary Kaplan over the last several months. We have developed an extremely important business relationship that will last a very long time. The processes and procedures Gary has developed are invaluable to the success of my Property Management business. His evaluation of 9 commercial shopping centers includes lease analysis and annual recapitulations. This can be quite complicated for most professionals, but Gary tackled the challenge head on. He surpassed my expectations with the greatest of ease. Gary’s attention to detail, his responsiveness to all my business needs, and his charismatic and positive personality have all made a positive impact on my operations and my bottom line.” – Julie Kagan, President of JSK Management Company, LLC

We were facing an IRS Audit and contacted Mr. Kaplan. We proceeded to hire him and he personally guided us through a very stressful process .Over the course of one month he assisted with gathering all the documentation needed for the IRS. He is focused, tenacious, disciplined, and above all cares about you and the outcome! The most impressive aspect is that he ,not an assistant, was in direct communication with us daily. He represented us at the audit and the result with the IRS was favorable, far better than anything I could have done and as good or better than an attorney.” – Suzanne Spinelli

I met Gary Kaplan in 2013 when I engaged him to complete a federal income tax return on a business entity that I own. We have continued our business relationship through the present, and I have found Gary to be efficient and responsive in all matters, and I feel that his fees are reasonable.

In the fall of 2014 I had a situation with another business entity and accountant unrelated to anything Gary had previously been engaged. This involved the late filing of a federal tax return and tax payment by a few days, which the accounting firm involved had failed to inform me was due. Although this mistake was my responsibility, I was paying for professional tax preparation and representation, and I believe this also included proper notification on due dates.

Fortunately I found the error myself and paid the obligation within days, and the firm rushed an extension notice out and worked to complete the return. Unfortunately this did not appease the IRS, which subsequently demanded $250,000 in penalties and interest, which was the maximum amount that could be charged. It quickly became apparent to me that the existing firm handling the tax work was not up to the task of helping me with this matter, so I started thinking about hiring a tax attorney. I also called Gary to get his opinion of the situation. Gary informed me that he had significant audit and other experience in dealing with the IRS, and offered his services in lieu of or in addition to hiring an attorney.

After thinking about it, I determined that the facts of the case were pretty straightforward and there were a few extenuating circumstances, so I decided to hire Gary exclusively to represent me. The entire process took about one year, with Gary being involved for approximately 9 months. He was confident during the entire process, even as I was getting sick of the whole thing and willing to settle. His position was to win the case and not to settle until all other options had been exhausted.

After two appeals the IRS ruled in my favor, and all penalties and interest charges were removed. Having gone through this process, it is clear that experience with the process matters, as the IRS is not the easiest organization to deal with for a lot of reasons. Gary’s experience was critical to winning this case, and his fees were reasonable and worth every penny!

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Gary Kaplan as a very qualified CPA for general accounting, tax and audit engagements. It has been a pleasure working with him and I intend to do so in the future.” – Kurt Younker

I have known Gary M. Kaplan, C.P.A. for the past five years, since I first asked him to take care of my personal income tax returns. I have found Gary to be a very knowledgeable, thorough, and extremely competent and professional tax preparer, and have been very pleased with his performance, his attention to detail, and his promptness in working on and completing the work required to submit the tax return on a timely basis.

Also, Gary is a very nice guy, easy to talk to, and to discuss public affairs, my passion, when we meet to arrange each new year’s tax return. I consider him someone of superior abilities, talents, and an engaging personality. I have no reservations in recommending him enthusiastically to anyone seeking tax preparation services for personal income taxes or business taxes, and am sure anyone who utilizes his services will be extremely pleased with the result as I have been over the years.” – RONALD FEINMAN, Boca Raton, Florida

I met Gary Kaplan in late January of 2016 and hired him to take care of my personal income tax returns. Overall, it was a very positive experience. I found Gary to be an extremely knowledgeable professional who provided me with a quality service in a timely manner. He thoroughly reviewed all of my information up front and asked appropriate questions to make sure he understood my situation. He took the time to listen to my concerns and was prompt in answering my questions. His cost structure was reasonable and well communicated and there were no financial surprises. Gary has a friendly demeanor and it was a pleasure doing business with him. I plan to continue using Gary’s tax services for years to come. I highly recommend Gary to any individual who needs a CPA.” – Cynthia King, Lake Worth, Florida

My spouse and I moved from Washington, DC to Florida in mid-2016. We had a complicated tax filing due to living and working in DC, Maryland and Florida, as well as my LLC and my new spouse’s income taxes. Gary was able to sort it all out with speed, accuracy and professionalism. We are grateful for the services he gave my company and for our personal taxes as well.” – Ian O’Mara, Timothy O’Mara Consulting

I was very impressed by the quality of service I have received from Mr. Gary Kaplan, CPA. Gary is very meticulous, efficient and competent. He is relentless in getting things done right and on time. He knows the IRS policies like the back of his hand so the guidance he provides can be trusted. He did such a great job with my personal and business tax returns that I have engaged his services to help me in my business on a regular basis. I highly recommend Gary for anybody’s tax and accounting needs.” – Michelle R. Mina, MD Board-certified, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Interventional Pain Medicine